So, you get the general drift? I lie down on a couch, and start laying down my thoughts as and when they occur to me. I see a movie, and I try and urge you to watch it. Or to not watch it. I read a book, and I try and urge you to read it. Or to avoid it. Often, I just blabber about random things occurring in and around me. I realise that there is an inherent problem in writing, that the readers will read between the lines and try to judge the writer. I don't care about that - or at least, I will pretend and strive not to. It is all very boring. The last thing an About page of a blog is supposed to do is to dissuade people from perusing the blog's contents. But frankly, I have no idea what you are doing here. I mean, Freudian psycho-analysts are paid hefty sums to listen to other people's incoherent prattle. What about you?

(Image source : http://www.writing.upenn.edu/~afilreis/freud-couch.html )

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