Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Comprehensive (but clumsy) Career Flowchart

Ever since the overwhelmingly positive response by all of my one and half readers for The Depression Flowchart that I created a little more than a year ago (oh, how time flies!), I have been wanting to replicate my modest success by designing yet another flowchart. For the longest of time, it looked as if my flow-chart designing career would be similar to Arundathi Roy's fiction writing career. Come to think of it, even Arundathi Roy continues to write fiction, though she chooses to publish them in news magazines and Editorials for some indiscernible reasons. Inspiration strikes when least expected, and I was struck and struck hard (cue, Ravi Shastri) when I was contemplating on the career of, err, a friend of a friend of mine. So, here it is : a comprehensive career flow chart. Check out where you stand right now, and get a fair idea of how your career will proceed. Try not to get lost. In life, and in this unnecessarily complex flowchart.

A few quick notes
  1. For each question in a diamond shaped decision point, follow the green arrow if your answer is "Yes", and the red (ish) arrow if your answer is "No".
  2. This chart is only for people with jobs. And for the most part, it assumes that once you are caught in the vicious circle of career, you will continue to be in it until the end of your career
  3. All data has been obtained through scientifically proven and tested sources such as unaccountable whims. 
  4. If you are wondering about the diamond shaped "Decision R"s that seem to have the irritating habit of popping up everywhere, those are what I call as God's Roulette. Occasionally, these decisions depend on factors such as intelligence, an ability to work hard, diplomacy, body odour, skin colour, race, religion, sex, communication skills and place of birth (not in any specific order). But most often, these crucial decisions are made by a God person, who spins a roulette and lets you take one way if he gets an even number and the other if he gets an odd number. If you are an atheist, you may want to call this as Randomness. After all, who is to say that intelligence and an ability to work hard are not just genetic accidents?
  5. For those who are curious, the flowchart was created by a wonderful and free software called Dia (Hattip : Reddit forums)
All the best for your career! Not that it matters.

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