Thursday, July 3, 2014

Man hospitalized after showing real passion towards work

On a typical work day, I conceived yet another article for My Faking News, consisting of a lot of exaggerations, distortions of truth, some stereotyping, and a few lame attempts at joke-making. The article features Shakeseare, Dr.Harsh Vardhan, and Lord Krishna. Please read, and do the needful. Man hospitalized after showing real passion towards work

Apart from being one of my shortest posts, it is also one of my quickest. For nearly 4 years, I have been trying to convey a similar idea through a blog post, and my draft folder holds the evidence of multiple false starts. Glad that I was able to convey atleast part of that idea, without my usual seriousness.

And in case you were fortunate enough to my first and only other article at my faking news, apologies for meddling with your fortune. Here is the link to that article : Girl arrested for Checking in from 29 countries while sitting at home

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